To which gods do you pray?

Cyclists pray to one of two gods: wind or hills.
It’s a tough choice. Wind is, well, windy, and hills are… hilly. You see where I’m going with this. They both do what they do best, and they have cyclists divided.
In the hill church, we have the the wind haters. These people prefer to bomb up and race down hills, no matter how steep. These people will take the biggest, hardest climb they can find before riding 100 miles in a straight line on a flat road into a 20 mph headwind. They live for the out-of-breath, heavy-limbed sensation of topping an incline and the breath-taking invigoration of racing down the other side.
On the other side, we have the wind worshipers. These people get a high from putting everything they have into rushing into the wind. They will ride 100 miles into 20 mph wind instead of that big hill. They get a thrill from almost toppling over from a hefty gust of crosswind. They love powering through tough gusts and enjoy the breezy moments between. Nothing gives them more joy than finishing a long stretch of straight with a brutal headwind.
Of course there are those people who love both or hate both or are indifferent. They’re some combination of the above descriptions.
I’ve experienced both and as much as I dislike hills, I dislike the wind more.
So I pray to the hill gods.
To which do you pray?

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2 thoughts on “To which gods do you pray?

  1. I remember long stretches of laps in the pool — hours of back and forth, up and down — in high school and praying for *something* other than flat stretches of blue. Wind or hills would have been interesting!

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